How Does Intensive Therapy Work?

One of the most common forms of addiction treatment is intensive therapy. One intensive therapy definition states it to be any specialized treatment which is more in depth in duration, intensity, frequency or scope. This therapy is usually offered to an individual who suffers from some form of addiction and substance abuse. People who areContinue reading “How Does Intensive Therapy Work?”

Three Months Out of Rehab: Is Intensive Therapy Right For You?

Intensive therapy refers to a different delivery method for psychological treatment, instead of a single specific form of therapy. The term ‘intense’ is used here because the techniques being used during these sessions tend to be very intense and powerful in nature. Such a session can last as much as three hours and may beContinue reading “Three Months Out of Rehab: Is Intensive Therapy Right For You?”

Mental Health Retreats As Treatment Plans

A mental health retreat doesn’t feel like the stereotypical stereotype of a mental health facility, one that conjures up a distant, rigid environment. Contrary to it, a mental health retreat often feels like a warm, comfortable, and supportive place; a place where you can work on all your emotional challenges in a supportive, relaxing environment.Continue reading “Mental Health Retreats As Treatment Plans”

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