Three Months Out of Rehab: Is Intensive Therapy Right For You?

Intensive therapy refers to a different delivery method for psychological treatment, instead of a single specific form of therapy. The term ‘intense’ is used here because the techniques being used during these sessions tend to be very intense and powerful in nature. Such a session can last as much as three hours and may beContinue reading “Three Months Out of Rehab: Is Intensive Therapy Right For You?”

Mental Health Retreats As Treatment Plans

A mental health retreat doesn’t feel like the stereotypical stereotype of a mental health facility, one that conjures up a distant, rigid environment. Contrary to it, a mental health retreat often feels like a warm, comfortable, and supportive place; a place where you can work on all your emotional challenges in a supportive, relaxing environment.Continue reading “Mental Health Retreats As Treatment Plans”

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